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Looking through a research microscope reveals a micro-cosmos almost inconceivable and abundant in details, colours, and often bizarre shapes. This aesthetics is fascinating and it catches the observer's eye every single day anew. Irrespective of any scientific background, these impressions are clearly among the emotional highlights a researcher experiences during his ordinary lab work. Typically, such photomicrographs will be published in scientific journals or at least, as as an eye catcher, they will make their way onto the lab doors. Anyway, such fascinating impressions from the world of tininess, as a rule, won't be available to the general public. That's a real pity and that's what we will change!

Science meets Fine Arts

Transitions between science and fine arts are fluid, and the border zone is quite narrow. This is particularly evident when visualizing nature's tiny works of art, which would escape attention by the unaided eye.

What does Macroscopics stand for?

Macroscopics offers both, mictrophotography services, and a selection of highest quality photomicrographs & macro photographs. The audience is as diverse as the motifs: In particular, they come from the fields of print media (books and journals), marketing (e.g. image campaigns, advertisements), and fine arts, including design, home & office decoration.

Macroscopics is a spin-off of the biotechnology company immunoGlobe GmbH, which is active in the field of antibody technology. The impetus goes back to scientific publishers asking for immunofluorescence 1 micrographs for journal covers and illustrations. Often, such images originate in the course of routine in-house antibody quality controls. But also casual macroscopic 2 pictures regularly met with general acclaim and finally led to the establishment of Macroscopics.

Work in Progress

In June 2010 the Macroscopics web site has been launched with a very limited set of micrographs. Currently, the site is still under construction and new images will be added continuously.


1 immunofluorescence: imaging of cellular and subcellular structures with fluorescent antibodies

2 macroscope: macroscope: similar to a scientific stereo microscope, but optimized for photomicrography